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Day 1: Favorite Song

So, we begin! Day 1 of my 30 day blog journal. The theme for today is my favorite song. What? I have to choose ONE favorite song?? Not happening! I don’t think I can even pick less than 10! I have a lot. Pretty much if you want to know my favorite songs, come over and look at my iTunes list! There are thousands of them listed there. I love music, and I always have. I’m very much into Classic Rock the most, but have recently discovered some newer bands that I like too, though they are not the “main stream” bands. I really do not like the popular music of today. The radio stations I listen to play oldies, classic rock and stuff from my childhood (80’s & 90’s). So, I’ll try not to over whelm you too much, but I’ll give you a sampling of some of my favs (in no particular order).

My favorite all time band is The Beatles. I of course have many other favorites, but if I was forced to pick one favorite there, it’d be the Beatles, so I’ll start with them. Pretty much, I love all of there stuff. There are a few I don’t like (mostly Paul McCartney songs – seriously, can he write a song with more than 10 words in it? I don’t think so…). I don’t think I could pick one favorite from their whole catalog, so I’m just picking a random one that rocks. It’s “Happiness is a Warm Gun”:


Next on the list is from a newer “band” that I absolutely love. The “band” is Iron & Wine. Why is “band” in quotes? Well, because it’s actually just one guy named Sam Beam – he plays all the instruments and sings all of the harmonies on the albums he makes. He’s amazing (not to mention that I really go for long hair and beards…check out my husband)! I’m actually going to put up 2 of his songs here. The first is Resurrection Fern. The second is Such Great Heights (originally written by The Postal Service). Such Great Heights was on the Garden State soundtrack, so if you’ve seen that movie, you’ve heard this song. It was also featured in an M&M’s commercial a couple of years ago.



Back to some classic rock, we have Pink Floyd’s masterpiece Wish You Were Here. The first time I heard this song was while I was working at camp in 2000. A group of campers from the older kids group borrowed guitars from the counselors and played this song at the talent show on Thursday. It was great and I went and tracked it down after that.


And of course, I can’t leave out Led Zeppelin. I love them. I got to see Robert Plant and Allison Krauss play last year (they had an amazing album come out a couple years ago). I don’t even know which of their songs would be my favorite, so I’ll just pick a random one – Immigrant Song.


This next song is by Stuart Davis – he’s an artist from Minnesota (my homeland…) who does amazing things with a guitar. I love him and all of his songs. I couldn’t find my favorite song of his on YouTube (called Your House) so I just picked one that I also like a lot called Mermaid (warning, it gets a bit graphic – and funny!) Enjoy.


I had some more I was going to list, but I think I’ll stop there as it’s getting long! I hope you enjoy and maybe even find some new music you didn’t know before! Up tomorrow: Favorite Movie (again, will probably be a long one)!


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Music for the Soul

I’ve discovered a new favorite “band”.  I put that in quotes, because it’s actually just one guy who does all the vocals and instruments himself.  The band is called Iron & Wine.  If you’ve seen Garden State, you’ve heard one of his songs called Such Great Heights (a cover of the song by The Postal Service).  That is now one of my very favorite songs ever – and I don’t pick favorites usually, because I love SO MANY songs.

Anyway, I’ve fallen in love with Iron & Wine’s music.  The lyrics are usually a hodge podge of words put together to kinda tell a story.  They don’t always make sense in a linear sort of way, but it still speaks to me.  This is music I put on to just get away from it all.  I’ve been using music for that end a lot over the past few weeks.  I don’t always know what to say myself, but certain songs seems to capture it all for me.  Other songs just let me float away and forget myself for a while.  Resurrection Fern by Iron & Wine is one of those songs.

In our days we will live
Like our ghosts will live
Pitching glass at the cornfield crows
And folding clothes

Like stubborn boys across the road
We’ll keep everything
Grandma’s gun, and the black bear claw
That took her dog

And when sister Laurie says “Amen,”
We won’t hear anything
The ten-car train will take that word
That fledgling bird

And the falling house across the way
It’ll keep everything
The baby’s breath, our bravery wasted
And our shame

And we’ll undress beside the ashes of the fire
Both our tender bellies wound in baling wire
All the more a pair of underwater pearls
Than the oak tree and its Resurrection Fern

In our days we will say
What our ghosts will say
We gave the world what it saw fit
And what’d we get?

Like stubborn boys with big green eyes
We’ll see everything
In the timid shade of the autumn leaves
And the buzzard’s wing

And we’ll undress beside the ashes of the fire
Our tender bellies all wound around in baling wire
All the more a pair of underwater pearls
Than the oak tree and its Resurrection Fern

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It’s time for a change

I’m in a rut.  It’s understandable, I’ve had a rough time of it the last 3 years, but I really feel like I need to do something.  What?  I don’t know.  Guitar lessons?  Piano lessons?  I just need an outlet.  Somewhere to go once a week to completely turn my brain off from all things but the task at hand.  Unfortunately those things cost a lot of money (anyone know somewhere I can get lessons cheap?).  Maybe I just need to set aside some time every week to do nothing but practice on my guitar.  I’ve always been very bad at that.  I just need to sit down and play through stuff.

I guess it wouldn’t have to be music related, but I’m kind of in that mood right now.  Just wishing I were better at one of the instruments I do play (piano, guitar, oboe and flute).  Maybe I could take a sewing class?  But really, I’m getting pretty good at that, just teaching myself as I go along.  I would love to be able to draft and create my own designs and patterns, but I should get the basics down first.

This post is sounding depressing – I’m not depressed, don’t worry.  Just kind of feel like I’m spinning my wheels and never getting anywhere.

My life is becoming too routine.  I get up, I go to work.  I do my job.  I have my lunch alone, and usually at work (I need to get out more!)  I come home and by that time, I’m too tired to do anything but sit and watch TV.  I used to hate watching TV, now I feel like that’s all I ever do.  I need to motivate myself to take some action and get off my ass.

I think maybe this is the cold, snow and winter talking.  I promise to be much peppier in the springtime…it’s just right about this time when I start wishing for tulips, rain, worms, mud and sunshine.

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These two guys rock – literaly

Check out Obsquatch’s blog

Checkout Obsquatch’s YouTube Channel

Check out AngloBaptist’s blog

Check out AngloBaptist’s YouTube Channel

I love you guys – keep on rockin’ in the free world!

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You My Child

One of my favorite singer/songwritters is a small Minnesota artist named Stuart Davis.  He has some amazing songs, some funny songs, some very raunchy songs, and some incredibly deep and meaningful songs.  One song of his that I’ve known for a long time, as it is on one of his earlier albums is called “You My Child”.  I’ve always felt that it was an amazing song, but it’s never meant much more than that to me.  It’s a song he wrote when he and his girlfriend at the time had become pregnant and decided that for them abortion was the best option.  It’s a gut wrenching song just knowing that much about it.

Today the song popped into my head.  I’ve not thought about it for years.  Even though the song is about an entirely different situation than my own, it still holds a lot of the feeling and emotion that I am dealing with.  I’ve decided to post the song here and share it with you.  I’m posting the whole song here, even though there are parts that don’t describe what I’m going through, I think the song as a whole is important for anyone who has lost a child before they had a chance to live, in whatever manner it was that the child was lost.

You My Child by Stuart Davis

Of all the world’s perfections,
we safely may assume
the most blessed and untainted
is the treasure in the womb

We wait for revelations,
some miracle, some sign
and suddenly a life is sparked
it almost seems divine

But both of us are much too young
to know what we believe
and we can’t find the answers
in how you were conceived

So you won’t feel the rapture
of your mother’s first embrace
and I won’t see my features
in the contour of your face
we won’t hug your body
and press against its warmth
for you my child will not be born

If we fear the grand design
or deny a higher source
it’s only that we all prefer
controlling our own course
Because a million things can happen,
and you were just the one
we were the least prepared for,
a daughter or a son

The choice is more than painful,
the wounds may never mend
as we wonder what you might have done
and who you might have been


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The problem with Christian music…

…is that it can be bad.  Really REALLY bad!  I went through a phase in High School where I only listened to Christian bands like Jars of Clay, Audio Adrenaline, DC Talk, Newsboys, etc.  I can still listen to those songs and enjoy the music, but the message is not the same to me.  My faith has changed since that point of my life, and Christian music just does not speak to me any more.  I would consider that music and lyrics about 1000 x’s better than this crap though!  Take a listen, read the lyrics, and cry people, just cry for the state of religion in our world:

(lyrics courtesy of Edger, the only place I could find the lyrics!)

Jesus is My Friend by Sonseed

Jesus is a friend of mine
Jesus is my friend
Jesus is a friend of mine
I have a friend in Jesus

He taught me how to live my life as it should be
He taught me how to turn my cheek when people laugh at me
I’ve had friends before and I can tell you that
He’s one who will never leave you flat!


He taught me how to pray and how to save my soul
He taught me how to praise my God and still play rock and roll
The music may sound different but the message is the same
It’s just an instrumental praise his name


Once I tried to run, I tried to run and hide
But Jesus came and found me and he touched me down inside
He is like a Mountie, he always gets his man
And he’ll zap you any way he can. Zap!


He loves me when I’m right, He loves me when I’m wrong
He loves me when I waste my time by writing silly songs
He loves me when I’m quiet and I have nothing to say
He’ll love me when I’m perfect if I ever get that way

Wow – um, that’s REALLY bad!  All the info I found on Sonseed labeled them as a Ska band.  On behalf of all the Ska bands in the world, I’m offended by that!

I just want to point out a few of the lyrics, which I have highlighted above.  First, there’s this little jewel from Vs. 2:  “He taught me how to praise my god and still play rock and roll.”  I just want to point out that if that were true, the band Sonseed would not be playing and writting such crap.

Next is the entire Vs. 3 – what I would label “Jesus is my boyfriend” music.  I don’t think I really have to comment too much on that, just read it and think what you will.  However I do want to comment on the “zap”ing that Jesus apparently doess when he “finds his man”.  I’m just a bit uncomfortable with the thought of being zapped by God.  Dosen’t mesh with my theology.

My basic beef with this whole song is just the complete hollow theology that it is promoting.  It’s what some would call the “mountain top experience”, where you have that one experience of God in your life, and amazing moment.  There’s nothing wrong with these moments at all.  I’m all for it, but there is a section of Christianity that is focused solely on those moments and attempting to prolong those moments for years.  You end up with a hollow theology, you have no basis on which to fall back during harder times.  Many people loose faith because they’ve only been taught the happy go lucky faith with no substance.  This song has no substance.  It’s great that Jesus is your friend, I’m all for that – but don’t stop there!  Dig deep, question what you’re told, learn who God is on your own terms, not based on hallow faith.

Okay…done ranting for now!  Enjoy the song for what it is – something to watch and giggle at for the cheesyness.  I mean seriously, just watch the bass player and see if you don’t crack a smile!

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New Favorite YouTube Vid

UPDATE: This video is up for a People’s Choice Award!  Go to the website and click on “Favorite User Generated Video” to vote!!  And don’t forget to also click on “Favorite Online Sensation” to vote for Dr. Horrible’s Sing a Long Blog, too!

Yeah…It’s awesome.

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