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Go Al Go! Go – Fight – Win!


Update Update: A Statement from Sen. Al Franken

Update: Franken Certified Winner!!!!

Minn. board expected to announce Al Franken winner

I really hope everything works out for Al FrankenJustin and I have been following and supporting the campaign from the beginning.  I grew up in Minnesota (though now I live in Illinois – go Blagojevich?) and I think Al could do great things for the state, and for the country.  I hope that Sen. Coleman accepts his defeat and does not contest the announcement of Franken as the winner, but we all know he will.  Unfortunatly, the drama is not over, but I think that once Franken is declared the winner, Coleman will have a hard time winning any case.  Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see how it turns out…


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Minnesota Rocks the Casbah

Happy 149th Birthday Minnesota!!

On this day in 1858, my home state became part of the union! Drink a toast to the North Star State!!

A few facts about my homeland:

* Area, 84,068 sq mi
* Population (2000) 4,919,479
* State bird, common loon
* State flower, showy lady’s slipper or pink and white lady’s slipper
* State tree, red pine
* Has more than 11,000 lakes and numerous streams and rivers
* Beginning of the Mississippi River (from Lake Itasca), so shouldn’t it be the Minnesota River??
* Archaeological evidence indicates that Minnesota was inhabited long before the time of the Mound Builders. A skeleton (“Minnesota Woman“), found in 1931 near Pelican Falls, is believed to date from the late Pleistocene epoch, c.20,000 years ago. Many important archaeological finds relating to the early inhabitants of North America have been made in Minnesota.

For more info, see the above link!

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I Must Truely Be a Minnesotan!

I Must Truely Be a Minnesotan!

Found this list on the internet. There are only a few that do not apply to me…Hmmm…

You know you’re a Minnesotan if…
You measure distance in minutes.
Weather is 80% of your conversation.
Down south to you means Iowa.
You call highways “freeways.”
Snow tires came standard on your car.
You have no concept of public transportation.
75% of your graduating high school class went to the Univ. of Minnesota.
You know more than 1 person that has hit a deer.
People from other states love to hear you say words with “o”s in them.
You know what and where “Dinkytown” is.
“Perkins” was a popular hangout option in high school.
You have no problem saying or spelling “Minneapolis.”
You can list all the “Dales.”
You hate “Fargo” but realize that a lot of your family has that accent.
You get mad at people who think Fargo is in Minnesota.
Your school classes have been canceled because of snow or cold.
You know what Mille Lacs is and how to spell it.
You assume when you say “The Cities” people know where you are referring to.
You know what the numbers 694, 494, I-94, 394 mean.
You have tried boiled fish in lye at Christmas.
You know the 2 sports-related reasons why we hate Dallas.
Nothing gets you madder than seeing a Green Bay sticker on a MN car.
You know what “uff-da” means and how to use it properly.
You can pinpoint exactly where each scene in “Untamed Heart” was filmed.
You can spot the three-second cameo appearance by “The Artist formerly Known as Prince” in “Fargo.”
You’re a loyal Target shopper.
You’ve licked frozen metal.
The only reason you go to Wisconsin is to get fireworks or to fish.
You own an ice house, a snowmobile, and a 4-wheel drive vehicle.
You wear shorts when it’s 50 degrees outside in March, but bundle up and complain in August when it goes below 60.
You know people that have more fishing poles than teeth.
You remember WLOL.
It feels like the Mississippi is everywhere you go.
When you talk about “opener” you are not talking about cans.
You have gone Trick-or-Treating in 3 feet of snow.
You know that when it comes to AM, there is only WCCO, besides, what else do you need?
You know what the word SPAM stands for (in more ways than one)
You carry jumper cables in your car.
You drink “POP,” not “SODA”
There was a time when you were SO proud that Soul Asylum is from MN
In a conversation you heard someone say “yah, sure, you betcha” and you didn’t laugh.
Everyone you know has a cabin.
You get sick of people asking you where Paisley Park is.
You know that Lake Wobegon isn’t real and you know who made it up, where they live, and exactly what to do about it.
You have friends who schedule their wedding in the middle of January without a thought about weather conditions.
You may not have actually eaten it, but you have heard of Lutefisk.
Someone mentions Old Hubie or the Humph, and you know exactly who they mean.
You like the Winter Olympics better than the Summer Olympics.
You beam with pride when some King or Hollywood super star comes to Mayo Clinic to save their lives
You have ever worn shorts and a parka at the same time.
You have either a pet or a child named “Kirby.” (Someday I will…someday…)
Your town has an equal number of bars and churches.
You know how to say Wayzata, Mahtomedi, and Shakopee.
You grew up thinking rice was only for dessert.
You never had to rewind any part of “Fargo” because you missed some of the dialogue.
You always believed that vacation meant “going up north.”
Your bank has the name of your town included in its name.
The temperature in March is above freezing for three days in a row, and you think it’s summer.
You laugh out loud every time you see a news report about a blizzard shutting down the entire east coast.
The first time you saw “Grumpy Old Men” you thought it was a documentary.
Your state’s pro football team beats San Francisco, but loses to Tampa Bay.
You’ve been made fun of for your northern accent.
You’ve been to an ice hockey game.
You’ve been snowmobiling.
You know how the wind chill factor works.
You constantly make fun of Iowa.
You keep an ice scraper in your back seat.
You call the childhood game “Duck, duck, gray duck.”
You’ve ever built a snowman.
You consider 50 degrees in March a warm day.
You make fun of Wisconsin people.
You know where yellow snow comes from.
You know at least one person in your imediate family hate the “Packers.”
You “go to the cabin” on the weekends during the summer.
You’ve ever taken a family vacation to either North or South Dakota.
You’re still mad at the LA Lakers for not changing their name.
You or your family owns a snow blower.
You, your dad, or a close friend has a snow plow on the front of their pick up truck.
You expect school cancellations and delays to happen at least twice a winter.
You still hear/tell stories about the “Halloween Snow Storm” of 91.
You’ve been in, on, or near a lake within the past week.
You know the names of the Twin Cities.
You’ve been to the city of Duluth.

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"I bring you pain, the kind you can’t suffer quietly/Fire up your brain remind you inside you’re rioting/Society is slipping, everythings slipping away"
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