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My weekend

This weekend was a much needed visit with friends, evening with good music and topped off with a great meal at the end.

On Saturday Justin and I headed to Carol Stream, a suburb in Illinois to visit our good friends Susie, Erik and their daughter (our goddaughter) Jannah.

Here Jannah is showing Justin how to push her baby doll around in the doll stroller.  I think he got the hang of it!

Susie and I took the day and went out for some “girl time”.  Had lunch at Olive Garden and went to the mall to just hang out, talk and window shop.  After that we headed over to Barnes & Noble where I sat and drooled over the books I couldn’t get!  While we were out, Justin, Erik and Jannah had some time together.  I’m not sure what they all did, but I know they did go to a dog sled race.  Here’s Jannah meeting one of the dogs, who was also up for adoption.

I love huskies!  I’m so glad I wasn’t there, trying to convince Justin we could do 3 dogs, because I know we couldn’t!  When Susie and I got home, we got to work on dinner.  We had homemade calzones.  Very yummy!  Here’s Erik getting the dough ready.

Dinner was awesome.  After a bit, it was time for Miss Jannah to go to bed.  The grown ups stayed up and played a game of Settlers of Catan (one of my favorite games).  I won, actually I think I beat everyone pretty soundly and quickly.  The game took less than an hour, which is very rare with that game!

Our night wasn’t over yet though!  We said our goodbyes and jumped in the car to head to the Irish-American Heritage Center in Chicago.  The best blueirishfolkgrass band in Chicago was playing there that night, One of the Girls!!

The beer was a flowin’ and the tunes were rockin’.  It was great to be out with friends, listening to music and just relaxing!  Justin had to head to home early because he had to work in the morning, so I stayed late and then crashed at my friend Abbey’s place.  I’m glad I decided to stay longer, because I really did have a great time, and I needed that kind of an evening.

This is the Obsquatch.  He plays the upright bass in the band.

Here is most of the band: Obsquatch, Tom, Tripp and Sean.  There is one person missing, Mike D the accordian player.  Where is he you may ask??

Yup, that’s right – he’s dancing on the bar, like ya do.

Here are a few shots of the crew having a great time and listening to some great music:

I think he had just said something mean to me…

Trish enjoys the gig…

Me, Sarah, Abbey and Evy.

The next day was V-day.  I spent most of the day at Abbey’s while Justin was at church working.  When he was done he came and picked me up.  We went to Whole Foods because he wanted to make me a special dinner that night.  It was AMAZING!  Scallops (my favorite), lamb and rainbow chard.  It was so so yummy, and beautiful, too!

Malcolm and Inara even got to enjoy the meal.  We gave them each one of the lamb bones after dinner was over.

Inara was VERY HAPPY with her little treat!

Malcolm was a bit, um, demonic with his bone…


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Harry Potter, Memorial Day & Malcolm…

I’ve had a busy few weeks, and am just now getting around to posting about it!  I attended LeakyCon 2009 in Boston recently.  It was  a lot of fun, and I came home with the dreaded LC1F09 (or the illness everyone got from LeakyCon!).  I’ll try to give a run down of my time there with pictures!

My friend Abbey that I went to LeakyCon with is on the Leaky Cauldron staff, so I ended up helping out with a lot of the registration stuff.  We spent much time in the coat check putting together name tags and registration bags.  Here is a picture of what we did:


I even got a LeakyCon Staff shirt, though I’m not on staff!  I actually had a lot of fun doing that, even though at times it was stressful and chaotic during the actual registration.  I think we pretty much handled it well and everyone got in to the conference that was supposed to!

So the first day was just registration and then Opening Feast in the “Great Hall”.  Across the street from our hotel was “The Castle”…it was a huge building that looked like a castle in the middle of downtown Boston!  Unfortunately I didn’t get any shots of it from the outside.  Inside however, it was decorated to look like the Great Hall from HP!  It was really awesome.  All the tables were decorated in Slytherin green, Ravenclaw blue, Gryfindor red and Hufflepuff yellow.  Here’s a few shots:

LeakyCon 2009 (12)

LeakyCon 2009 (7)

LeakyCon 2009 (1)

The banners were amazing, though I’m still trying to figure out why the Slytherin banner was purple and green…I of course got tons of shots of the Ravenclaw banner, as I claim myself to be a Ravenclaw.  The Great Hall is where most of the big events of the conference took place.

LeakyCon 2009 (21)

Here is me and Abbey rockin’ it Harry Potter style at the opening feast.

LeakyCon 2009 (26)

And what would a party in Boston be without some street dancing?? (Abbey, MJ, Jeff and Josh)

LeakyCon 2009 (31)

The highlight of opening feast: finally meeting Hank Green of the NERDFIGHTERS!  You should seriously check them out the vlogbrothers on YouTube.  I’ve meet John 3 times now, but this was my first Hank sighting 🙂

So that was the first night…Abbey and I made our way back to our hotel room after a bit of chilling in the Leaky Suite.  We jammed ourselves into our air mattresses, tucked between 2 beds in the room.  We were sharing with 4 other people, so there were 6 people in a 2-4 person room.  Cozy.  The next day however we were upgraded!  Due to some issues with the hotel the Suite was upgraded, leaving an extra room in the suite and because the staff knew of our cramped conditions they offered it to us.  I unfortunatly forgot to take pictures of the sweet suite (get it??) but it was amazing.  We all had our own cot, bed, couch or air mattress so no one had to share.  And the room was huge.  On the other side was a huge kitchen, 2 large round tables, 2 bedrooms and an outside patio that was AMAZING!  Sure, sleeping at night was a bit of a problem since the LeakySuite is where all the staff hung out at night, as well as some of the confrence speakers and random attendees that tracked down the suite.  Often times the party didn’t break up until 4 or 5 in the morning.  I would usually put on my iPod to drown out the noise when I was ready for bed, which was about 3 or 4 am!  I did manage to get some shots of the balcony:

LeakyCon 2009 (34)

You can just see Boston in the background of this shot 🙂

Okay, so day 2 – I spent the morning watching a vender booth for Julie May who was at the key note speaker that day.  Abbey and I rode to Boston with Julie and Kelly.  Julie makes beautiful glass work jewelery and also prints.  She does some of the jewelery in HP colors, so I got some Ravenclaw color earrings 🙂  You should check out her website and order stuff!  That afternoon was “Nosh with the Nerdfighters” which I was in the front row for with Abbey.

LeakyCon 2009 (49)

And here are the Vlogbrothers themselves!  Hank & John Green.  They’ve emassed quite the following, and no wonder!  Their videos are hilarious, engaging, informative and they also do a lot of work to decrease “world suck”.  Gotta love them!

Oh, and Hank writes and sings songs.  Some of them Harry Potter themed.  Here is my favorite, and a little vlogbrothers dialouge, too!  Accio Deathly Hallows:

Sweet, sweet nerd music.  You should also check out DFTBA records for more nerd music.  It’s a record company Hank started to release the music of YouTube musicians.  I’m particularily excited about the Doctor Who band Chameleon Circuit!

Okay, so that night was the Wizard Wrock night at the Castle.  I’m not really a fan of Wizard Wrock.  I’ll listen to it when it’s there, but I don’t go seeking it out.  What is Wizard Wrock?  Well, you may have guessed, but it’s band who only sing and write songs about the Harry Potter world.  There are bands called: Harry and the Potters, The Moaning Myrtles, The Remus Lupins, The Parselmouths, Swish and Flick  and others…It was fun just to go and hang out with my new HP friends.

with steven

Here’s Steven.  Kelly found him in the hotel lobby day 1 and brought him up to the coat check room to help us with registration!  He’s now on Leaky Staff!  Go Steven!

LeakyCon 2009 (61)

And this is me and Abbey with Farrah LeWinde.  She is a lot of fun and managed to get Hank to donate a dollar to LeakyCon (you can see it poking out of her shirt…).

LeakyCon 2009 (63)

Here’s a shot of one of the bands.  I think maybe it’s Harry and the Potters?  They sang one song that I really liked (and one of the only ones I could understand the words) called “Bacon”.

So, Day 3 – I managed to get to some programing!  The first I went to was on Father’s in the Harry Potter world where I found myself defending Lucius Malfoy – who knew!  I’m also apparently on YouTube somewhere, as they were filming the session and the camera woman asked if she could film my answer.  I’ll try to see if I can find it!  I also went to a completly amazing session about the symbols and other liturature that influenced Harry Potter by John Granger.  He has a lot more books than the one I linked to.   You should check them all out 🙂

That night was the LeakyCon Ball.  Everyone got dressed up and rocked out to the music.


Me, Josh and Abbey in our fancy clothes!


They had the Department of Mysteries veil set up, so Abbey and I got our picture taken in front of it

under the veil

And peeking under it, trying to find Sirius Black (the biggest question I have for the whole HP series is what’s behind that veil)!!

I had a great time at LeakyCon – got very little sleep, got swollen feet riding in a car for 20 hours on the way home and contracted the LC1F09, but I had a great time.  We got to Abbey’s place at 6:00 am Chicago time and crashed on Memorial Day.  We woke up at 1 pm to get ready for a Memorial Day party at Le Chateau Oiulmette.

We were both EXHAUSTED but it was nice to get back and see our friends and have some great grilled food!  There was also Smashminton to be had, which I did not play because I feared I would fall over from exhaustion!  Abbey got the LC1F09 very bad so she ended up sleeping during the party and went home early.  She’s just now starting to get better.

Memorial Day 2009 (4)

Memorial Day 2009 (6)

Enjoying the Smashminton…

Memorial Day 2009 (10)

Our host, Rev. Tripp in his seersucker and suspendies.

Memorial Day 2009 (18)

Of course, the obligatory foot shot, showing of my new Ravenclaw socks!!! 😀

Memorial Day 2009 (19)
Sarah and Evy enjoying the game.

Here is a bit of video of the day at Le Chateau…Obsquatch and Trish trying to “team up” for some Smashminton glory!

Sadly, I didn’t make it very long at the party and we left around 8ish and I went home and went straight to bed.

The next day, Justin and I celebrated Malcolm’s 3rd birthday!  We have a tradition of going to our regular pet shop and getting Mal and new toy, then walking to the other pet shop that carries special treats and getting him a “cake”.  We then go home, sing happy birthday, give him is treat and then the new toy!  It was, of course, raining on his big day so instead of a big walk he got a car ride.

at the store

Waiting to go in the puppy shop…


Our pet store guy giving Mal some treats!


The cake…isn’t it cute??

And here we are singing to the Birthday boy!

I was sick, so you’ll have to excuse the shaky voice…

Well, that’s it for now.  Hope you are all doing well 🙂

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More Samson

Here is the promised video of Samson:

And a cute picture of Malcolm, finally realizing there’s something in that bowl of water.  Now he always sits in front of the mantle wanting to be picked up to look at the fish.  I think he just likes the smell of the fish food and wants to eat it!


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As promised…

Here are some pics and another video of Justin and I announcing news to our families!

First off, we headed up to Minnesota for my mom’s birthday party. It was of course a perfect excuse to go up and also to give her a card with an ultrasound picture in it! I got her a cute card that said “It’s your birthday Grandma!” and on the inside I wrote “See you around October 9th! Love, Zippy Thornburgh” (Zippy is what we’re calling the baby until it’s born. It’s short for Zippy the Zygote, though technically the little one has not been a zygote for quite some time. Baby T actually just started it’s first few days as a fetus, graduating from the embryo stage late last week).  Here’s what happened when mom opened the card (sorry it’s a bit dark, she was sitting right in front of the bright window):

The next weekend we were able to head down to Springfield, IL to tell Justin’s mom the good news!  She was also very shocked and happy.  Again, it was a big surprise to her, and also even more excited because this will make her 3rd grandchild in a year!  Justin’s brother married a wonderful woman last September who has a little boy named Logan.  They are now expecing a child in September – I know!  It’s very possible that Jen and I could have our babies on the same day, or at least not too far apart!  We unfortunatly didn’t get any video of the reaction, but here is a picture I snapped.  Malcolm seems to be very excited, too!


You can see the post just before this for an awesome video my friend Abbey put together of reactions from some of our friends when we told them the news.  It’s so great that now everyone knows and we don’t have to keep it a secret anymore!  It’s been VERY difficult not to shout out to the rooftops about this blessing in our lives!  We’re very much looking forward to the growing of our family and to welcome a new little person into the world!  Oh, and of course, ready to let all of you help us to raise our child to be the best it can be.  They say it takes a village, but why can’t it take a whole world?

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Yup…that’s my dog!

An email I just recieved from my husband, detailing the thought process of our dog attempting to get in the bedroom this morning to snuggle with me:

“mal was so funny this morning.

“after we came in, after he had his treat, like he normally does he went and sat in front of the bedroom door. Normally we go straight in, but this morning i fixed a bowl of cereal. he sat still at the door and was staring at the door know. I was watching the gears turn in his wee brain.”

“–ok…that magic button up there does something…i know food guy touches it and food gal is on the other side….ok…i can’t reach it…damn…ok…hmmm…magic button…open…damn….magic button i command you to open…damn you….if i stare at you very focused like you will open………(staring)……….damn. food guy is over there laughing at me…..damn you food guy….magic button…how i wish you would work for me.”

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An Update of my life…

Hello all! Thought I better update before I got way behind! I’ve had a busy week! Last Saturday (that is, June 21st), Justin and I met my sister and her family up at Wisconsin Dells at the Noah’s Ark water park for a day of sun and slides! Justin and Nicole went on practically everything – twice! My sister Shannon did a few slides, while John, Hannah and I claimed the kiddie park! I’m not really a fan of water…or slides…or being wet, but I had a good time in the wave pool and the 2 lazy rivers! Hannah LOVED the red slide at the kiddie park, though she did not so much like getting water in her face! I think she went down that slide about 100 times! By the time we got to supper she was passed out! Poor baby. Here are some pics from that day:

Hannah also liked the turtle shaped slide. Here she is with her daddy, John.

There was a bucket at the kiddie park that will fill with water and then douse anyone who was standing under it…can you find Justin??

After the water park, Nicole hopped in our car and came back to Chicago with us for the week. This is a tradition we started the first year Justin and I were married and living in Chicago, but unfortunately last summer it just didn’t work out. This year we made the most of it though!

Sunday night we had people over for dinner and I made Chicken Coconut Curry then watched X-men 3. Nicky lounged on the couch.

Malcolm really liked having Nicky around all week! You can see he has laid claim to her in this photo.

On Monday, Justin took Nicole to the Hancock building downtown and also to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. They walked along the lake front, looked at the shops downtown, and Nicky got some photos of graffiti. Here are some pics:

Nicole on the platform, waiting for the ‘L train

A view from the Hancock Observatory…they had a BEAUTIFUL clear day to see the city! Justin got one shot where you can see a building all the way up in Wilmette!

The monster piece of Cookie Dough cheesecake that Nicky had for lunch that day at the Cheesecake Factory!

On Tuesday Justin took her to Devon St, the Indian/Pakistani neighborhood. They had Indian food for lunch (I hear the curried lamb was fabulous!) And hit a bunch of the shops. Nicole got a beautiful Saree that is pink, purple and orange. After Devon St, they headed for Belmont St. and hit The Alley as well as a few other shops. Nik got some really neat books from The Alley. Sorry, no pictures for this day!

On Wednesday I took over and we headed to the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum. The aquarium is always my favorite. I love all the fishes and other water creatures! Beluga whales are my favorite to watch! At the Field Museum we went to the Mythical Creatures exhibit. That was one of the main things I wanted to do while Nicole was down here, because I knew she would enjoy it! Unfortunately they didn’t let us take any photos inside the exhibit. But here is a neat one of the Belugas…a mommy and new baby!

Thursday was our shopping on Clark St. day and going to the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. On Clark we hit a bunch of different shops including few antique stores, Bon Bon’s, the Paper Trail, Kopi, the Brown Elephant (where Nicky found some plaid pants) and ate at Huey’s Hot Dogs. After lunch, we drove downtown and picked up Justin after work and then went to the Oriental Institute. Our good friend Sarah works there and was going to give us a tour, but turned out she had to move that week, so it didn’t work out…we still had a great time there and got to see my favorite kind of stuff – Ancient Near Eastern artifacts!!

Description from the OI website: “This colorful striding lion, its mouth opened in a threatening roar, once decorated a side of the ‘Processional Way’ in ancient Babylon (the Biblical city of Babel). The ‘Processional Way’ led out of the city through a massive gate named for the Mesopotamian goddess of love and war, Ishtar, whose symbol was the lion. Each year, during the celebration of the great New Year Festival, the images of the city’s deities were carried out through the Ishtar Gate and along the ‘Processional Way’ past some 120 lions such as this one to a special festival house north of the city.”

Here is Nicole and with the “lamassu”, the bull (which is Sarah’s ‘boyfriend’). Again, from the OI website: “This colossal sculpture was one of a pair that guarded the entrance to the throne room of King Sargon II. A protective spirit known as a “lamassu”, it is shown as a composite being with the head of a human, the body and ears of a bull, and the wings of a bird. When viewed from the side, the creature appears to be walking; when viewed from the front, to be standing still. Thus it is actually represented with five, rather than four, legs.”

And here is Nicole with King Tut!

Friday was a day of driving to Minnesota. Justin and I had a wedding reception that night, and of course I forgot to bring my camera!! Grr…argh! Hopefully I can get a few shots from someone else (hint hint Susie!). We had a good time and it was fun to see some old friends I haven’t seen in a long time 😀

On Saturday my mom, grandma, Nicole, Justin and I headed up to Rochester for some shopping and family time. I got a few new work shirts (which I needed desperatly!) and Nicole found a new pair of pants and a RECORD!! Yes, actual vinyl, not a CD! I’ve introduced her to to love that is vinyl records and gave her my old record player that’s been sitting at my mom’s house for the past 5 years collecting dust. I’m so proud!

Sunday was a birthday lunch for my little sister Robbin. We had ham and salads and DQ Ice Cream Cake…Mmmm! It was good to spend time with the family. Here’s a picture of my dad and Hannah playing together (my dad is wearing Hannah’s hat).

July 4th is this Friday, and we’ll be heading to Madison to spend the weekend with my best friend Susie, her husband Erik and our goddaughter Jannah! I really can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll have another post next week with pictures from the weekend! Malcolm will be spending the holiday with Randy and “Uncle” Albert (the basset hound). Happy holiday to you all!

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Funny Face

So Justin and I did a 5 mile Walk-a-Thon to raise money for Family Matters here in Chicago last month. I got a few nice pictures (which you can see on my picture website from Shutterfly). The organizer for our team gave me some pics to scan in for the church office to have. I was looking at the large group shot when I noticed something:

See it? No? Okay…how about I zero in a bit…

See it now? Okay…a little bigger…

There it is…a funny face from Malcolm!!!

He’s so cute…Justin thinks he looks like he just ate a lemon 😀

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