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2008 Presidential Primaries

Okay…so here is my dilemma…well, it’s not really a dilemma anymore, and I guess that’s why it’s my dilemma.

I stared out this presidential season as I did the last one…supporting Dennis Kucinich. I know that he’s the longest shot on the democrat side, but I really like him and what he stands for, and so I support him. I planned to vote for him today, but he left the race…

…so, I move on to my 2nd choice, John Edwards. My husband is a huge supporter of Edwards, and he had me convinced before Kucinich even dropped out that he would be the best choice for the Democrats…so, I’m all set to vote for Edwards, but he left the race…

…so, I move on to my 3rd choice, Barak Obama. Does this seem to be getting ridiculous to anyone else? I like Obama, don’t get me wrong! He was choice #2 until Justin convinced me otherwise. I like Obama for president much better than I like Hilary Clinton for president!!! I just can’t handle living in a country where the presidency goes: Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton…we’re bordering on a monarchy here! As much as the candidates are talking about “change” and needing something new and fresh…think about it!

Anyway, I’m a Obama supporter. I think he’d do a great job, so I am voting for him today. I’d be really hesitant to vote Hilary for president if she ends up getting the presidential “nod”…but at this point, in my opinion anyway, anything is better than G-Dub!

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