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St. Patty’s Day Fun!

I love Irish Music…I have for a long time. My good friend Tripp is in an Irish band called One of the Girls. You should check them out. They have a great St. Pat’s Day schedule this week. I went to their show last night (which rocked the Casbah) where they opened for another amazing Chicago based band: Sexfist. Wait, what did you just say? Yes, I said Sexfist. They are an AMAZING bluegrass band, who at times also call themselves The Henhouse Prowlers. Whatever you call them, you need to check out their music. Please visit their website and buy their stuff, and also visit the website for One of the Girls, and buy there stuff…and then, since we’re on the subject, my fav Minnesota based Irish band is Wild Colonial Bhoys, and you need to see them as well, visit the website, and buy stuff!!

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Song lyric of the week…

"I bring you pain, the kind you can’t suffer quietly/Fire up your brain remind you inside you’re rioting/Society is slipping, everythings slipping away"
- Slipping from Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog

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