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You gotta love Natalie Dee…


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Iron Man Rocks the Casbah

Oh, you know it totally does! I’ve seen the movie twice now, and I’m planning to go again sometime soon! The writing is fantastic (even with the comic book cheese factor, but you HAVE to have that in there!), the casting was spot on (who knew that I was totally in love with Robert Downey Jr.??) and the story was great. I highly recommend it to all!

I saw the movie opening weekend and I’m just now getting around to my recommendation…sorry about that folks! Don’t know why I waited. So why am I writing about it now? I got a random comment on my last post about the Hulk from Patrick. I went to check out his website and it’s pretty cool! The tag line of his website “KOG Media” is “God’s Kingdom in Movies, Music and Television”. Gotta love that! I clicked on his review of Iron Man and was very intrigued. Click here to check it out yourself!

Also…if you’ve seen the new Indiana Jones movie, check out his review of that as well.  My view pretty much coincides with his, though my order of prefrence is 1)Raiders 2)Last Crusade 3)Temple of Doom 10)Crystal Skull.  My basic view of the most recent Indy movie is this – if you want to see it, you should.  If you had no desire to see it, don’t.

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Firefly rocks

This is AWESOME!! Thank you Andy for sending it to me 😀

Thisis the link to the original post. Click on the picture to make it bigger!

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Yup, It’s like that…

It’s sad because it’s true…

Married To The Sea

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Obama vs. Clinton

natalie dee

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It’s true, they will

This comic is from Married to the Sea…check it out!

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Ah the irony?

toothpaste for dinner

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Song lyric of the week…

"I bring you pain, the kind you can’t suffer quietly/Fire up your brain remind you inside you’re rioting/Society is slipping, everythings slipping away"
- Slipping from Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog

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