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Happy Birthday Hannah Banana!!

To my niece Hannah on her 3rd Birthday!!

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Today is my husband Justin‘s 32nd birthday.  We’ve been married for about 3 1/2 years now.  We’ve been together for 6 years.  In celebration, here are some of my favorite pictures of Justin, the love of my life.


What an adorable little boy!!!!!  I think I’ll call him “Zippy”.


His “shy” pose.


With Malcolm, camping last October (Sally and Madi in the background).


Gettin’ his preacher man on…calling down fire and brimstone.


Justin LOVES banana penguins!


What an adorable little pirate.  From the movie “Never”.


On our wedding day.  My man looks good in a skirt!


At Josh & Jen’s wedding shower last fall…he even looks good all clean shaven!


Contemplating life, the universe and everything.


I love this man, so much.

Happy birthday Justin!  I look forward to celebrating many, many more years with you.  I love who you are, and I love who you’re going to be.  You are my light and my life.

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Birthdays, Indiana Jones, and Sunday Dinner

Hello all! Time for another update. This weekend was once again full of fun and friends! I have a feeling that this summer will have very few empty weekends! We’re already looking forward to many weddings, a week long visit from my niece Nicole, camping, traveling and other fun! It will be an expensive busy summer, but I’ve very much looking forward to it!

So, on Friday we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our dog, Malcolm Reynolds Thornburgh. He seemed very enthused when we sang “Happy Birthday” to him…I think he really just wanted to eat the cake! He also got a couple of new toys, including his new favorite – a squeaky, stuffed warthog that we named “Piggy”. Piggy is about the same size as Mal, so it’s really fun to watch him play with it and try to carry it around in his mouth!

Here’s the birthday boy with his cake…he looks really excited to have his picture taken, doesn’t he?

The next day, I hosted an Indiana Jones Movie Marathon!  It began at 12:30 pm and we watched the first 3 movies in a row.  There was food, themed beverages and games!  I made trivia questions to go with each movie and a few bonus questions.  The winner of that game got an Indy “action figure”.  There was also the Last Crusade Cup game.  I had the table covered in all different types of cups and glasses and each one had a red sticker on the bottom.  Most said, “You have chosen…poorly” but one said “You have chosen…wisely.”  The goal was obviously to choose the correct cup.  The winner got a pack of Indiana Jones trading cards.  I thought that was pretty clever if I do say so myself 😀

Here is the table, covered in the cups, glasses and mugs.

Close up of the center piece I made for the party.  The “stones” are boxes wrapped in packing paper.  It was covered in bugs, a monkey and a snake!  The ball on top is one of those Styrofoam balls painted brown to look like the big rolling rock at the beginning of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

Themed beverages, from “Temple of Doom” – the “poison” was ginger ale, and the “antidote” was blue kool-aid.  If you don’t get it, go back and watch the opening sequence of Temple of Doom!

Here are some of the people that came to the party enjoying the show.  We had about 15-18 people in and out throughout the day.

After we watched the first 3 a group of 6 of us went up to Evanston and watched “Temple of the Crystal Skull.”  It was a good day all around!

Of course the next day was Sunday, so that meant Sunday Dinner!  We all trekked down to Marcie’s place in Hyde Park as she is going to England for the summer, so we won’t see her again until September!!  Her place is AMAZING!!  We had a great time with everyone there.

Here’s some of the group – there were about 13 of us there that night 😀  Marcie made salmon.  It was really good!

Here’s Leo enjoying the culinary delights!

And some of the entertainment for the night – Hank has just decided that he’s a baby dolphin, so he regaled us with his tricks.  You have to do the real dolphin hand signals for him and he’ll follow!

Trish enjoying the cake before the rest of us could get any! 😀

A good weekend full of food and friends – always gotta love that!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying a good week!

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A FULL Weekend

Justin and I had a very long, great and full weekend! 2 birthday parties and 2 baby/friend visits. It was a great time and I wish we could have spent more time at home. I hadn’t been home to see my family since Christmas, and I’ve decided 4 months is way to long to be away!

The festivities started off on Friday evening with a Birthday party to celebrate our good friend Randy’s 45th birthday. It was a great party, which started off at Sweet Occasions for ice cream, and then we got take and bake pizza from Homemade Pizza Co. Yes, that’s right – dessert first then the main course! It was great.

Randy & Sherry enjoying Ice Cream

The pizza was AMAZING!! I highly recommend it. Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games…Randy decided since he had a house full of somewhat competent and reasonably strong people, he may as well have us move his furniture around – so we did!

Moving the furniture

We had a good time, with good food and good music played on the newly moved piano. Susan also brought cake: peanut butter, chocolate and banana…hello Elvis Cake! Unfortunately we had to leave the party early since Justin and I needed to wake up early the next morning to head to Minnesota! After 6 1/2 hours of driving we arrived at my parents house in Smalltown, MN aka, Spring Valley. We had Malcolm along with us of course, because he would be severely upset if we didn’t allow him 4 days of playing with his favorite “Auntie” Shadow!

Mal & Shadow

This is what they do almost the whole weekend when we come to visit. The do take some breaks for naps, potty time and eating, but mostly they just play! By the end of the day, they are both EXHAUSTED and they plop down and sleep through the night, which is great for us because WE get to sleep through the night! YAY! Malcolm gets very sad when he and Shadow are separated…poor puppy…


On Sunday we celebrated my dad’s 60th Birthday, which officially was April 14th. I don’t think he looks a day over 30! He and my mom both. I hope I inherit the looking young forever genes! My older sister Shannon and her husband John did the cake. She even decorated it to match the dessert plates my mom had bought!

Shannon makes the cake

It was really yummy, too 😀 Dad got a lot of good gifts, mostly $ and gift cards. Shannon and John got him 60 $1 scratch off lotto tickets. I made him a slide show with pictures of him from baby to now…it was neat, if I say so myself and it seemed to go over pretty well. He of course got the obligatory bottle of Seagram’s 7! One of the neatest gifts was from my grandparents…a poster sized picture of my dad playing basketball! I’m guessing the picture was taken sometime in the 70’s.

The Seagram\'s

2 daddys?

The day after the party, Justin and I headed up to visit Dave & Bethany and their new baby Abigail. We had a good time hanging out with old friends, talking and going to Pizza Ranch for Abby’s first outing! It was great to see them all, as I miss my camp friends dearly, and Abby is such a beautiful baby!

Me & Abby

Before we left their house, David had to show off his breast feeding skills…um, judging from the look on his face, I don’t think it’s going very well…

Male breast feeding?

On the way back from their house, we saw a sign posted for a farm that sold bison meat. Justin and I were very excited, as we both love bison meat. We decided to turn around and go to the farm to purchase some meat. We drove down the country road, figuring there would be a sign pointing the way to where the meat was for sale. No such luck. Sadly, we were unable to attain any delicious bison flesh, but we did get a pretty sweet picture of a couple of curious bison.

Bison in MN

The next day (we’re on Tuesday now people, in case you’ve lost track), we headed out to return to Chicago and our real lives. On the way, we stopped for a way to short visit with Susie and Erik, and of course our beautiful goddaughter, Jannah! Jannah’s newest trick is crawling. We got to witness the trick, and it was pretty sweet. She’s growing so fast! We picked up Erik from campus and headed to Noodles & Co. for lunch. I of course had the Pad Thai, because if it’s on the menu, I’m gonna eat it. Jannah had a good time showing off her opera skills to us…

singing an aria

Jannah was pretty tuckered out by the time we got done with lunch, and she passed out in the car, with her buddy Justin watching over her. He carried her from the car and put her in her crib when we got back to the Brekke residence.

sleepy girly

It’s good to be home, but I also wish we could have spent more time with our friends and family. Even with ridiculous gas prices, I think more trips will be required, soon!

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A good time was had by all…

the gang
Originally uploaded by meggomae.

On Saturday, my Chi-town friends came over and helped me ring in my 27th year. The actual day of my birth is August 24th, but I will be at my friend Jakey’s wedding this weekend, so we celebrated early.

A good time was had. Much food and beverage was consumed. I got some nice cards and nice gifts! Randy brought his new kick ass camera, and we all had a good time playing with it, and then watching all the pictures and video on the TV!!

Thanks to all who came, and we missed those who couldn’t make it. Check out flickr to see all the other pics!

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Mal’s 1st Birthday

Today is Mal’s 1st Birthday (or as near as we can guess…) He’s been a handful at times, but we love him all the same, and I can’t imagine life without him now! For more about Mal, and to read his blog, either click the “Dogster” box on the left of the screen, or go here. Wish Mal a happy first birthday!

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Minnesota Rocks the Casbah

Happy 149th Birthday Minnesota!!

On this day in 1858, my home state became part of the union! Drink a toast to the North Star State!!

A few facts about my homeland:

* Area, 84,068 sq mi
* Population (2000) 4,919,479
* State bird, common loon
* State flower, showy lady’s slipper or pink and white lady’s slipper
* State tree, red pine
* Has more than 11,000 lakes and numerous streams and rivers
* Beginning of the Mississippi River (from Lake Itasca), so shouldn’t it be the Minnesota River??
* Archaeological evidence indicates that Minnesota was inhabited long before the time of the Mound Builders. A skeleton (“Minnesota Woman“), found in 1931 near Pelican Falls, is believed to date from the late Pleistocene epoch, c.20,000 years ago. Many important archaeological finds relating to the early inhabitants of North America have been made in Minnesota.

For more info, see the above link!

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