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Hello!  Time for a MAJOR update on my life!  Get ready folks, it’s probably gonna be a long one…

Friday night we went to a One of the Girls concert!  It was fun to see them performing again, and not even on St. Patrick’s Day!  There was a slight problem in the middle of the concert as the lead singer blew out his voice, but the rest of the band was able to cover, and he was able to come back and sing some more later that night.  Unfortunately I was a doofus and forgot my camera that night…boo.  So I don’t have pics of the band.  What I DO have a picture of though is the fish I got at the bar that night!  Yes…you read that correctly, I got a fish at a bar.  They were selling them for $2 for a fundraiser (I’m not sure what they were fund raising for, but hey – FISH!)  I didn’t have $2, but my good friend Roger offered to purchase said fish as long as he got to name him (for a “classy” photo of Roger, keep reading…).  So my friends, I present to you Samson!


He REALLY likes his reflection in the side of the bowl and is always swimming over there, when he’s not sleeping that is!  When he’s awake, he’s very feisty and swims quickly around, trying to catch his reflecting, but mostly he sleeps a lot!  We think he needs a friend to play with, so there may be another trip to the fish store soon to get a Delilah.  He lived in a Mason jar the night we got him until we could get to the fish store up the block from us and get a bowl, rocks, food and drops for the water.  He seems to like his new home!  I have a video of him swimming around, but I don’t have it on this computer.  I’ll try to add it to the post tonight when I get home!

On Saturday, Justin, Malcolm and I decided to go for a family stroll through our neighborhood.  It was a gorgeous spring day!  I’ve had an idea brewing since the end of last spring of going out with my camera and catching the sights of spring in Chicago with my camera.  It seemed like the perfect day to put that plan into effect!  So, here are some of my favorite shots.  If you’d like to see ALL the pictures I took that day, click here!


This is my FAVORITE photo of the whole day, and it was one of the first ones I took.  I went in to take a close up shot of the blossoms on this tree and found a cocoon!  Not only was that an awesome find, but I think the picture turned out really well, too! 😀


And of course a “Spring Time in Chicago” photo album would not be complete without evidence of the winter and neglect of the city.  Who knows how long this hole will sit there with the pylon marking it and nothing done to fix it?  Not to mention the car sized pot holes all over the roads!  I also got a nice picture of the street cleaning signs, but you can see that one in my album by clicking the link above if you want 🙂  Now – back to the pretty!


These iron gates are EVERYWHERE blocking off the tiny gardens for the apartments and houses in our neighborhood.  Definitely iconic for Chicago (at least my area of Chicago).  Plus I LOVE tulips (my favorite flower in case you ever want to get me any)!


Another of my favorite shots of the day…one reason I love spring so much is the smell.  The scent of rain, of fresh dirt and mulch on the gardens and the tree blossoms scenting the air.  Yum.  If they could bottle the smell of spring I’d wear it all the time.


More beautiful tree blossoms.  The color on this one is breath taking.  I also like this photo because of the car in it – it’s Chicago, where people cram beauty and nature into every nook and cranny that they can and it’s right next to the hustle and bustle of the city.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m a country girl!  Put me in a forest full of trees and Spring Beauties any day, but you gotta love what people do to bring some peace and joy into their concrete city lives!


This one I took outside of a church building.  I like the way the camera focused on the yellow flowers in the front of the image.  I like to play with focus and blur in my photos.  I think it adds a little more to the shot, especially when your working with inanimate objects!

I have tons more pictures, but I’ll spare you all more pics of flowers and me going on and on about them!  As I said, if you want to see the full album, you can click the link above!!

So, then on Sunday my friends Carly and Trish were having a “Tarts and Vicars” party to celebrate Carly’s birthday and not for Trish’s birthday…not at all…Trish dosen’t have birthdays – she’s a laaaady!  Anyway, I’m going to share some shots from that night, and once again if you want to see them all, click here! (Be warned, it was a costume party, some of us dressed as tarts, just so you’re ready for some scandalis photos! *wink*)


Sarah dressed as Salome with the head of John the Baptist on a platter – she covered both themes!


Here is me enjoying a frozen banana covered in chocolate…it was quite good!


Sarah and Tripp, relaxing in the Hookah Lounge


My hubby (dressed as a vicar on holiday) enjoying the Apple flavored tobacco in the Hookah.


More Hookah love…with Miss Evy in the background.


Carly and Trish enjoying the Birthday (and non birthday) tarts, in regular and Gluten/Dairy free!


Of course, there HAD to be the obligatory foot shot…look at all those feet!  It’s a foot orgy!


Me and Abbey, showing our true tart colors!


Of course, no tarts and vicars party would be complete with out a strip tease!  Roger made sure we had that! 

(Photo by Abbey)

Well, that’s the update for now.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, full of flowers, fish and tarts like mine was…Hmm….


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