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Here are some pics and another video of Justin and I announcing news to our families!

First off, we headed up to Minnesota for my mom’s birthday party. It was of course a perfect excuse to go up and also to give her a card with an ultrasound picture in it! I got her a cute card that said “It’s your birthday Grandma!” and on the inside I wrote “See you around October 9th! Love, Zippy Thornburgh” (Zippy is what we’re calling the baby until it’s born. It’s short for Zippy the Zygote, though technically the little one has not been a zygote for quite some time. Baby T actually just started it’s first few days as a fetus, graduating from the embryo stage late last week).  Here’s what happened when mom opened the card (sorry it’s a bit dark, she was sitting right in front of the bright window):

The next weekend we were able to head down to Springfield, IL to tell Justin’s mom the good news!  She was also very shocked and happy.  Again, it was a big surprise to her, and also even more excited because this will make her 3rd grandchild in a year!  Justin’s brother married a wonderful woman last September who has a little boy named Logan.  They are now expecing a child in September – I know!  It’s very possible that Jen and I could have our babies on the same day, or at least not too far apart!  We unfortunatly didn’t get any video of the reaction, but here is a picture I snapped.  Malcolm seems to be very excited, too!


You can see the post just before this for an awesome video my friend Abbey put together of reactions from some of our friends when we told them the news.  It’s so great that now everyone knows and we don’t have to keep it a secret anymore!  It’s been VERY difficult not to shout out to the rooftops about this blessing in our lives!  We’re very much looking forward to the growing of our family and to welcome a new little person into the world!  Oh, and of course, ready to let all of you help us to raise our child to be the best it can be.  They say it takes a village, but why can’t it take a whole world?


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In case you haven’t heard yet… To my friends and family…

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