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September 29, 2008 at 11:22 am 2 comments

My friend Susie and her husband have been experimenting with the “Organic Revolution”. You can see their process by going to her blog: SusQ.  I’m so happy that they are trying this out, and I was commenting on one of her posts about Organic Milk. I sort of got sidetracked and starting discussing my whole philosophy of organic and sustainable foods and thought I would post the whole comment here for your viewing (with minor edits). I’ve added links to specific organic food suppliers that I mentioned. If you’re going to go Organic or are thinking about it, I encourage you to think about WHY you are doing it – is it because it’s the it thing to do, or is it because you have thought about the ramifications of the food you eat and want to be more conscious about those choices. I think if a person can pinpoint the reasons for going organic in their own lives not only will the higher cost be more worth while, but you’ll feel better about your decision and be more committed to it.

“Hey Susie…

“As far as the Organic Milk, Justin and I love Organic Valley…you can go to their website and print $1 off coupons for their gallons and 1/2 gallons…I’ve never had trouble with “cardboard” taste…maybe you just got a bad batch. It helps that I grew up on raw milk (straight from the cow with no processing) because organic milk does taste more like that – richer, fuller, and you can taste when the diet of the cow changes from feed to grass during the varying seasons. I happen to enjoy that, but I know some people have issue with that. Maybe the problem is that you’re drinking Skim, which is basically white water in my opinion! 😀

“Here’s my philosophy on organic foods: because of my value system, I feel organic is the way to go. It’s better for the environment, it’s better for your body, and buying locally is better for the economy! Keep the $ here instead of sending it around the country or around the world…The food tastes WAY better also.

“The main issue with local and organic foods is the cost. Justin and I have decided though that it is worth the extra expense to support something we both strongly believe in and feel is right. We feel that if we can be more organic, we should be more organic. Not everyone can afford to do that and we completely understand it. Justin and I are by no means making the big bucks (I’m a church secretary for crying out loud!), but we are in a pretty stable financial situation and in the grad scheme of things we can afford to be as organic as possible.

“Our produce share we get every week is $22 for a 1/2 share – we get tons of great tasting produce and figure we spend MUCH less on fruits and veggies doing that then going to the store and picking it up, especially looking at the way food prices have been jumping over the past year. Our local organic grocery store is True Nature and the farm that our produce comes from is Farmer Tom’s CSA.

“We are also part of a meat share (Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm). We get a delivery of meat from a small farm in Illinois every month that we split with some friends. This is pricey: about $950/year (but split so only $475 /year) upfront, but our meat is completely paid for, for the rest of the year! And it tastes amazing! And we know where our meat is coming from, it’s local, the animals are treated well and have plenty of room and are not eating ground up sisters and brothers! We can go down and tour the farm and see how the meat is raised. Not only does it taste great, but we can feel better about the way our food is produced and know that we are contributing to an inhumane farm and that the food is not being shipped hundreds of miles, wasting resources.

“Okay, well that’s all I wanted to say. Hope that helps!


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OH YES!! Darth Vader…you crack me up

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  • 1. susq  |  September 29, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    hey friend! How ’bout those Twinkies! vikes are hmmm….not as sure. Jannah girl just got a vikings outfit from Grandma/pa Soiney–too cute.
    Thanks for the comment and thoughts. They help! The cost of the milk made Erik’s eyes bug out 🙂 hehe. I think I might just go with the Kemp’s Select variety. The farmers pledge no hormones,etc. and I’m sort of devoted to the skim family because of the less fat part. We’ll see what happens with everything. Maybe some day when I write my best selling novel and we’re loaded we’ll think about buying organic milk…or I’ll go back to my buying a cow philosophy.

    I think my main motivation for the organics has to do with what the pesticides are doing to our bodies…and from reading too many blogs/magazines that make Mamas feel paronoid and horrible for feeding non-organic to their children. Jannah eats a lot more veggies/fruits than I do (pound for pound) and that’s a lot for one little system to take in (I think!)

    I do agree with your reasons, too. But I guess the pesticide thing freaks me out enough to be more conscious of what we’re eating.

    I think I’m more called towards helping people who are starving or organizations like Heifer International and the Red Cross. Those things seem more important than our food to me. I guess I’d feel guilty giving less to GEV or the kid we sponsor. We’ll for sure be wanting to do our CSA next summer and prefer getting things from our local farmers market and our garden.

    After our chats together E and I are thinking we’ll get what we feel we can afford when it’s a good price as far as veggies and fruits go. As for meat we actually don’t eat meat at every meal and tend to eat a lot of leftovers if we do cook with meat.

    So, for now, I’m sticking to some sampling and looking for good prices and getting what we can. Oh! Before I forget…does your CSA last all year? Ours is May-Oct. Cool. Well, have a great day–chat soon. Luv, Sus

  • 2. meggomae  |  September 29, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    Hey Susie…

    Absolutely a key part of eating local/organic is the lack of pesticides, additives and chemicals…I didn’t mention that because I knew you already had a grasp of that! Did you know that they add coloring to certain vegs & fruits to make them look more ripe (think oranges, apples, etc…) It’s completly insane! Pick em when they’re ripe and you won’t have to worry about it!

    Anyway I think you’re doing great with your experiment and you’ve made great decisions for your situation and family…A+ to you!

    Oh, and yes our CSA is all year…the farm that supplies the produce has a green house and also has deals with other local farms to keep it going all year round.


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