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Hello all! Thought I better update before I got way behind! I’ve had a busy week! Last Saturday (that is, June 21st), Justin and I met my sister and her family up at Wisconsin Dells at the Noah’s Ark water park for a day of sun and slides! Justin and Nicole went on practically everything – twice! My sister Shannon did a few slides, while John, Hannah and I claimed the kiddie park! I’m not really a fan of water…or slides…or being wet, but I had a good time in the wave pool and the 2 lazy rivers! Hannah LOVED the red slide at the kiddie park, though she did not so much like getting water in her face! I think she went down that slide about 100 times! By the time we got to supper she was passed out! Poor baby. Here are some pics from that day:

Hannah also liked the turtle shaped slide. Here she is with her daddy, John.

There was a bucket at the kiddie park that will fill with water and then douse anyone who was standing under it…can you find Justin??

After the water park, Nicole hopped in our car and came back to Chicago with us for the week. This is a tradition we started the first year Justin and I were married and living in Chicago, but unfortunately last summer it just didn’t work out. This year we made the most of it though!

Sunday night we had people over for dinner and I made Chicken Coconut Curry then watched X-men 3. Nicky lounged on the couch.

Malcolm really liked having Nicky around all week! You can see he has laid claim to her in this photo.

On Monday, Justin took Nicole to the Hancock building downtown and also to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. They walked along the lake front, looked at the shops downtown, and Nicky got some photos of graffiti. Here are some pics:

Nicole on the platform, waiting for the ‘L train

A view from the Hancock Observatory…they had a BEAUTIFUL clear day to see the city! Justin got one shot where you can see a building all the way up in Wilmette!

The monster piece of Cookie Dough cheesecake that Nicky had for lunch that day at the Cheesecake Factory!

On Tuesday Justin took her to Devon St, the Indian/Pakistani neighborhood. They had Indian food for lunch (I hear the curried lamb was fabulous!) And hit a bunch of the shops. Nicole got a beautiful Saree that is pink, purple and orange. After Devon St, they headed for Belmont St. and hit The Alley as well as a few other shops. Nik got some really neat books from The Alley. Sorry, no pictures for this day!

On Wednesday I took over and we headed to the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum. The aquarium is always my favorite. I love all the fishes and other water creatures! Beluga whales are my favorite to watch! At the Field Museum we went to the Mythical Creatures exhibit. That was one of the main things I wanted to do while Nicole was down here, because I knew she would enjoy it! Unfortunately they didn’t let us take any photos inside the exhibit. But here is a neat one of the Belugas…a mommy and new baby!

Thursday was our shopping on Clark St. day and going to the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. On Clark we hit a bunch of different shops including few antique stores, Bon Bon’s, the Paper Trail, Kopi, the Brown Elephant (where Nicky found some plaid pants) and ate at Huey’s Hot Dogs. After lunch, we drove downtown and picked up Justin after work and then went to the Oriental Institute. Our good friend Sarah works there and was going to give us a tour, but turned out she had to move that week, so it didn’t work out…we still had a great time there and got to see my favorite kind of stuff – Ancient Near Eastern artifacts!!

Description from the OI website: “This colorful striding lion, its mouth opened in a threatening roar, once decorated a side of the ‘Processional Way’ in ancient Babylon (the Biblical city of Babel). The ‘Processional Way’ led out of the city through a massive gate named for the Mesopotamian goddess of love and war, Ishtar, whose symbol was the lion. Each year, during the celebration of the great New Year Festival, the images of the city’s deities were carried out through the Ishtar Gate and along the ‘Processional Way’ past some 120 lions such as this one to a special festival house north of the city.”

Here is Nicole and with the “lamassu”, the bull (which is Sarah’s ‘boyfriend’). Again, from the OI website: “This colossal sculpture was one of a pair that guarded the entrance to the throne room of King Sargon II. A protective spirit known as a “lamassu”, it is shown as a composite being with the head of a human, the body and ears of a bull, and the wings of a bird. When viewed from the side, the creature appears to be walking; when viewed from the front, to be standing still. Thus it is actually represented with five, rather than four, legs.”

And here is Nicole with King Tut!

Friday was a day of driving to Minnesota. Justin and I had a wedding reception that night, and of course I forgot to bring my camera!! Grr…argh! Hopefully I can get a few shots from someone else (hint hint Susie!). We had a good time and it was fun to see some old friends I haven’t seen in a long time 😀

On Saturday my mom, grandma, Nicole, Justin and I headed up to Rochester for some shopping and family time. I got a few new work shirts (which I needed desperatly!) and Nicole found a new pair of pants and a RECORD!! Yes, actual vinyl, not a CD! I’ve introduced her to to love that is vinyl records and gave her my old record player that’s been sitting at my mom’s house for the past 5 years collecting dust. I’m so proud!

Sunday was a birthday lunch for my little sister Robbin. We had ham and salads and DQ Ice Cream Cake…Mmmm! It was good to spend time with the family. Here’s a picture of my dad and Hannah playing together (my dad is wearing Hannah’s hat).

July 4th is this Friday, and we’ll be heading to Madison to spend the weekend with my best friend Susie, her husband Erik and our goddaughter Jannah! I really can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll have another post next week with pictures from the weekend! Malcolm will be spending the holiday with Randy and “Uncle” Albert (the basset hound). Happy holiday to you all!


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