mutant dorks

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mutant dorks
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So this all began with a simple phone conversation I had with Tripp. I don’t remember what prompted the phone call, but it ended with me asking him out to see X-men tonight. Trish (his wife) was unable to come due to rehearsal. What follows is what took place after the phone call. Be ye warned: You are about the enter the realm of the weird and truly strange world of the Mutant Dorks.

5/23/06 – 2:10 pm (Mae)
Hey Tripp…

So, I thought it’d be a good idea to get the tickets ahead of time. X-men is playing on Friday at 7pm at the AMC City North 14 on Western. Pretty good theatre, reasonably priced. If y’all are in, I will purchase tickets ahead of time, and everyone can just pay us back. Let me know, and I will get the tickets tomorrow once everyone has been asked and agreed!


5/24/06 – 9:07 am (Mae)
You and Cliff are in! We can all car pool over in the new Corolla! 😀 I’m so excited that we can actually fit people in our car now!

I will purchase the tickets today! And yes, you can reimburse me on Friday! I can’t wait!


5/24/06 – 2:15 pm (Mae)
Greetings Fellow Nerds!!!

The tickets have been purchased! We will be attending the 7:45 pm showing of X-men 3. Prior to that, you are all invited over to The Llama Nee Inn for supper at 6. We will then leave around 6:45, to make sure we are at the theatre in plenty of time to get good seats! The boy and I are on the South Beach Diet currently, and the food is amazing! I can’t recall what Friday’s dinner is, but I’m sure it’s fabulous! After supper, we will all jump into the the brand new 2006 Toyota Corolla and car pool over to the theatre. There is a parking ramp, so we can all chip in for that, I’m sure it won’t be too much.

Please RSVP for dinner, so we know how many to prepare for! I’m excited!!! Since I saw the ending of X2, I’ve been eagerly anticipating and X3!! See y’all on Friday!


5/24/06 – 2:19 pm (Justin)
As I mentioned to Mae

Some mutant power had taken overy my typing fingers for a minute and some how we have been dubbed the following….find yourself

ortho boy
blogturgical man
secratestament girl
the acto-offieslave

mutant dorks unite

5/24/06 – 2:20 pm (Ortho Boy)
Can I just say that I feel a tad bit weepy for joy at the thought of seeing the new X-men movie?

Color me there for everything.

5/24/06 – 2:22 pm (Secratestament Girl)
yay! Looking forward to it Ortho Boy!!

5/24/06 – 2:34 pm (Ortho Boy)

“ortho boy”?!!!


Hey, man, these tights are chafing me! And is it me or is my gut hanging out?

5/24/06 – 2:36 pm (The Acto-offislave)
baby powder….(with corn starch) stops all chafing, and cuts down on the sweating too

5/24/06 – 3:15 pm (Blogiturgical Man)
Just call me, B.M.

-Blogturgical Man

5/24/06 – 3:23 pm (Secratestament Girl)

5/24/06 – 3:26 pm (The Acto-offislave)

Don’t forget to use your magical stool.

i am talking about the wooden sitting device.


no im not…i am just being my 13 yo self

so sayeth the actooffislave

5/26/06 – 10:39 am (The Acto-offislave)
Attention muntant dorks…we have a new one in our midst…

Sarah Harris (aka The Sitter) will be joining us tonight….

She squashes the enemy

5/26/06 – 10:41 am (Secratestament Girl)
That’s funny…

Perhaps you should let Sarah know who else is coming tonight…mutant wise I mean.

5/26/06 – 10:44 am (The Acto-offislave)

Sitter, pay attention

You will be joined by:

Ortho Boy
Blogiturgical Man
Secratestament Girl
The Acto-offislave

5/26/06 – 10:45 am (Ortho Boy)
If you can guess who Ortho Boy is, that means my alter ego identity has been compromised.

By the way, do these tights make my butt look big?

5/26/06 – 10:47 am (The Acto-offislave)

be careful around ortho boy…he likes his tights…and butter (see the comment in you blog)


you butt looks…



i gotta go pretent to work now

5/26/06 – 10:47 am (Secratestament Girl)
If you can guess what my super power is…please tell me!!!

5/26/06 – 11:31 am (Blogiturgical Man)
The Sitter?!?!

Nice. Oooo…what does her spandex uniform look like? Heh. Red in the bumm? That would be fun. No cape. It would just get in the way. It would have to be something to highlight the “center of her sitting powers!”

5/26/06 – 11:31 am (Blogiturgical Man)
Yes, they make your butt look big. It is the weight of all that “tradition” you carry around with you.


5/26/06 – 11:32 am (Blogiturgical Man)
You alphabetize compulsively?


5/26/06 – 11:33 am (The Acto-offislave)
And she weilds the power of the office supplies…

5/26/06 – 11:35 am (The Acto-offislave)

B.M. has his magic stool
The Sitter squashes
Secratestament Girl weild power over office supplies and aplhabatizes compulsivley

What does ortho boy do besides whine about his tights…

Who knows wat I do…i tend to pretned a lot

5/26/06 – 11:37 am (Secratestament Girl)
Oh my…we ARE dorks! I love it…

5/26/06 – 11:38 (The Acto-offislave)
ahem…mutant dorks thank you very much

5/26/06 – 11:39 am (Blogiturgical Man)
I have magic stool or I have A magic stool? Ew.

Ortho Boy has to do everything in a specific order?

You watch the fax machine.

5/26/06 – 11:41 am (Ortho Boy)
I’m thinking Ortho Boy must be super strong, what with being half-deified and carrying around the weight of the tradition and all.

But I definitely know Ortho Boy’s weakness: office supplies. Once, in the famous battle with Schism Man and Heretic Girl, someone whipped out some Wite-Out, and he almost recited the filioque.

5/26/06 – 11:41 am (The Acto-offislave)
i have heard rumor that ortho boy flings desert monastics at the enemy

5/26/06 11:43 am (Blogiturgical Man)
Mutant dorks who talk like pirates? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Beware my Mutant Stool! Arrrrr!

5/26/06 – 11:44 am (Blogiturgical Man)
White Out is dangerous as you are also known as The Man. Be ye warned therefore.

The tradition is indeed a great burden, but it looks fabulous in purple!

5/26/06 – 11:46 am (Blogiturgical Man)
Ortho Boy and the Desert Monastics….it was a separate series for a while before the Empire came to their secret base in Thebes (Egypt, y’all) and totaled the joint. Dern two-natures of Christ saga! (See iss #123 for more details. ‘Nuff said.)

5/26/06 – 11:48 am (The Acto-offislave)
i think BM is the officail historian

5/26/06 – 11:52 am (Ortho Boy)
Yes, but since Blogiturgical Man is from the Western mutant churches, Ortho Boy must always correct his heretical understandings of mutant Church history.

5/26/06 – 12:32 pm (Blogiturgical Man)
You carry that burden, brother. Go right on ahead!

Oh! Hey, someone clean up these threads and post it on their blog!

5/26/06 – 12:54 pm (Blogiturgical Man)
The image is posted on my blog. Yes, I really did it. Be ye warned. Your
history is public knowledge.

5/26/06 – 1:24 pm (The Acto-offislave)
That is fine BM

Introduct the world to DUM

Dorks United because they like to pretend they are Mutants


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