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New Apartment…Huzzah!!

So, Justin and I decided that at the end of our current apartment lease, we would not re-new, and we would move on to bigger, better and brighter things! So, Justin cruised Craig’s list, and and kept my eye open for signs in the neighborhood. Low and behold, Justin found a great looking place on the list. 2 bedroom, wooden floors, dogs allowed! Perfect! One other nice thing is that this place is just around the corner from where I lived when I did LVC…great neighborhood, and very quiet, so I knew I’d like it, just from that! Justin called and set up a viewing for the next night after work. We went there, already with dreams and plans in our hearts of what to do with this wonderful place, and there stood another couple, obviously there to see the apartment as well. That’ll teach us to dream before we know if we’d get something! Well, Kay (who showed us the apt – type landlady person) showed up and took all 4 of us in…the apartment looked great! Bright front room with a non-working fireplace, 2 good sized bedrooms with closets, a dinning room, another closet (coats/storage!) and a kitchen with a huge pantry and CUPBORDS!! (or current place has neither pantry nor much cupboard space). The bathroom was smallish, but clean, and *duh duh duh duh* has a tub! Great, where do we sign? So, both of us (the couples I mean) were there and ready to apply and put down the required money for processing. Turns out the other couple has a cousin that lives just upstairs in the building…boo, they’re in! So Kay then tells us that one of the 2 of us (the couples I mean again) WILL get this apartment, and it’ll come down to who has the best application, done on a point system. So Justin and I nervously filled out the application. I could just feel all of our dreams crumbling. Kay did say however, whichever one of us DIDN’T get that particular apartment, she would make sure we got one of the other 2 that would be opening up in the next week. Well, at least that. The apt we looked at was on the 1st floor…a BIG plus, but I could have dealt with a similar one higher up. So, we chat a big, and turn in our application.

The next day, Kay called to Justin’s work place and my own (I answered the phone, so knew it was her!) to confim our employment I guess. Then, Justin got a call that night. The place was ours! We’re both so happy and excited. Back to the planning of what to do with the place! We can paint the walls, too. Very exciting for me!

We both like our current place. It has a lot of pluses. Dish washer, washer & dryer in unit at no extra cost, a built in bar…but it was just to small for 2 people, impossible to keep clean, and it’s in the basement, so you get all the lovely basement smells and sounds with it! There will always be a special place in my heart for our first apartmet together, but I’m glad to be moving on. In a way, this next place I think will feel more like home, because we can make it more our own with decorating, and adding a new doggie addition to the Thornburgh family 😀

Well, that’s all for now…we hope to invite all our friend over for a house warming party when we move in at the beginning of May!


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me and jon

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  • 1. Devon  |  March 11, 2006 at 5:16 pm

    Yay!!!! I’m so excited for you!!!! 🙂

  • 2. Tripp  |  March 12, 2006 at 6:30 pm


    Can we play the game again soon?


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