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Virgin State of Mind by K’s Choice (From BtVS…obviously)

So here it is:

1. The first post in a really long time

2. The first post from my new apartment!

Yes that’s right, I’ve escaped dorm life and have moved on to bigger and better things: living on my own! It’s pretty sweet…make my own meals, have my own bathroom w/ my own shower, and best of all…I can burn incense and no one will leave passive-agressive anonymous notes on my door telling me not to!

Okay, so that’s not the best thing, but it’s definitly a plus!!

Anyway, the rest of life is good. I’m one semester and one thesis paper away from graduation. I’m pretty much dreding the whole thesis process. It’s going to be quite an endevor, and very difficult being that I’m a terrible writter. Somehow I’ll make it through though, I have to!

I’ve been enjoying my J-term…I’ve used the time to watch all of Buffy Season 7, Season 1, and 1/2 of Season 2 so far. I also finished watching Roswell Season 2 and I just finished re-watching Season 1 again. Okay, so I don’t just sit around all day and watch TV…just a lot of the time! I’ve also read all of the books I got for Christmas: Bartimaeus Trilogy (Book 1), Mirror Mirror, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister…I also just started reading “So you want to be a Wizard…” It’s pretty good so far. Next I’ll have to start working on my Buffy Watchers Guide II. I accidently left Guide III at Justin’s the last time I was there…I’m sure he’s having a blast reading it!!

Well, I guess that’s all for now…later.

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