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Listening to: LOTR Return of the King Soundtrack, The Steward of Gondor featuring Billy Boyd (the song Pippen sings as Faramir is riding back to Osgiliath)

Today has been a very sad day for me. First, this morning…my fish was looking very bad…kinda of lying on her side on the bottom of the tank and breathing oddly. I came back at Lunch and she was dead. RIP Pshyce.


On Friday, my dog found a rabbit hole with 8 babies in it and killed 7 of them before my dad knew what was happening. He was able to save one, and I’ve been caring for him these past 3 days. I named him Blaise. I even bought a little pet bottle and orphaned animal formula for him. He’s been doing wonderful, getting stronger and bigger every day. When I came home at lunch to check on him today, he seemed a bit chilly, so I moved him away from the window and covered him well with his towels. When I got back from work, he was terrible. Very cold, and lying upside down in a corner…at first I thought he was dead, but he was moving still. I grabbed his milk and fed him some, because he seemed to be wanting food the way his mouth was opening and shutting. Then I realized, he was trying to breath. I found a vet online and called them, and they told me to call the wildlife rehabilitation center. I did and took him in. By the time I got Blaise there, he was doing better…breathing mostly through his nose, and even moving around his box a bit. I should have known, but I wasen’t even thinking. They kept him. I didn’t even say goodbye, because I didn’t realize they were keeping him until it was too late. I know it’s better for him, and they’ll be able to put him back in the wild and all, but I miss my little Blaise 😦 They gave me some info so I can email in a few days and make sure he’s okay, but I want him back.

So, needless to say, it’s been an incredibly bad pet day for me…


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