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So while I was at camp today, we did belief statements…basically, we were to write out our beliefs on a sheet of paper…it is one of the best things I’ve ever done! Keep in mind that this is a work in progress…just because something is not there, doesn’t mean I don’t believe it, perhaps I have just not gotten that far yet! Please read this with the knowledge that these are my own personal thoughts and ideas, and that I am in no way attempting to persuade or make other believe the same things I do…here goes!

My Personal Creed

I believe that the Spirit is within us, surrounding us and filling us

I believe that the Spirit loves all, and works for the marginalized.

I believe that Spirit can be found in all peoples, and in many different forms.

I believe Nature is filled with the love and creation of the Spirit. Lift a stone, He is there, split a piece of wood, and you will find Him. The kingdom of the Spirit is within you.

I believe that Jesus was a human being, and that he was a product of his times. At the same time, he was revolutionary, and cared for those who had been left behind. He was a loving Spirit and fave his love freely to all…He was deeply in love with Creation and with the Created people of the Spirit. I believe he was in tune with the Spirit and came to show LOVE, the true Love, to all. I believe also that his historical life has been twisted, but that a discovery of the true Jesus of Nazareth can only bring a better understanding of Spirit and love.

I believe that the best place to see Spirit is in other people, for the Spirit has been put into all peoples of the world.

I believe the Spirit manifest itself in many forms and traditions. There is truth in all that is out there, and there is love.

I believe that through history, we can come to an understanding of what the Spirit truly is, but that Love in the present will show Spirit to us. We cannot neglect the present and focus only on the past, because the people of the Spirit are here and now and need to be cared for and loved.

The Spirit manifest itself in many ways throughout past and present. It is important to examine all forms of the Spirit in order to mare fully understand.

The Spirit wants acceptance – not tolerance, for the Spirit excepts and loves all of us, it does not simply tolerate what we do and who we are. All people are GOD’s people, and must be treated as such. He does not make mistakes.

Beliefs can, and have been twisted to fit a particular agenda. Much of what the Spirit created whole and good has been twisted and made evil or harmful. These are human creations – not the creation of the divine.

The message of Jesus was one of Love, the Love of the Spirit for all creation. This love must be shared with all and I believe that what we call GOD, could also be called Love – the two are interchangeable.

I believe that learning and expanding ones mind can only bring us to a closer understanding of the divine, and of what has been created and twisted by the fear of those in power. GOD is with the powerless in all things and works to bring truth to them through many different ways.

I believe we must also study the people and cultures and faiths of the world to fully understand the Spirit – only through all creation can we learn of the Creator.


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