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Hello all of my dear friends…well, here it is! My first blog from Minnesota! Huzzar! The bus ride was pretty good…we had a carnie with us for a while…he said words, but they didn’t make sense…then we picked up a couple of guys in Madison, and one of them sat next to me smelling like an old bar with new wood (trust me…) He attempted to engage me in conversation, but I don’t tend to like to talk when I travel (surprising, I know) and so I stuck my nose in my Rolling Stone. He eventually fell asleep, but at one point, woke up and attempted to put his arm around me…I gave him a “what the hell do you think you’re doing” look, and he put it behind his own head instead…at one point, he was making cat noises and touching my arm…needless to say, I was not very comfortable with this man next to me, and was not looking forward to riding all the way to Rochester with him next to me (as he was going to Duluth he told me more than once). However, part way between Madison and the Dells, his friend came back and woke him from his drunken stupor and said the bus driver was going to drop them at the next gas station, where they could make phone calls and catch the bus the next morning. Okay, cool…so we get to the gas station, they leave, the bus driver closes the door and they says, “I apologize, it was my mistake for letting them on the bus, so I just wanted to get them off as soon as possible, I especially apologize to you (looking at me).” And we were on our way…apparently, the bus driver realized that these 2 men should not have been on his bus, and corrected the error by dumping them at a gas station in the middle of Wisconsin. Have you ever been to Wisconsin? I almost pitty them…(“Did he send them to hell?” “NO, worse…Wisconsin” Quote from Dogma). Okay, so we finally get to Rochester, and he starts driving to the “bus station” he pulls up to the “bus station” and I look around. I had given my parents an address for a bus station in downtown Rochester…this was NOT downtown Rochester…it was the outskirts…the man behind me said, “Um, this doesn’t look like the right station (having gotten on the bus 2 wks before at a different place) to which the bus driver replies, “Oh yeah, they just changed the station on Monday.” Um…excuse me? Nice of y’all to let the passengers know that! I had called the Greyhound hotline not 2 days before so I could tell my parents where to pick me up…obviously, the hotline people had not been informed of the change…so there I was, stranded in Rochester. Honestly, for the first time I wished that I had a cell phone, or at least that my parents had one! So, I set to work…I had 48 min. left on a phone card. They take 10 min for every payphone call you make, so I had to be crafty. First I called home, to see if my sister was there…she was not. So, I called my grandparents and told them what was going on…they gave me the number of my uncle in Rochester. I called him, but they were not home…crap, square one…called grandparents again, said uncle not home, still stranded, will keep you updated. Went into the gas station, asking if they had the number to the old station, was informed no one was at old station, so would do no good…okay…sat in the parking lot for a bit confused…went back in to talk to actual Greyhound person…asked if there was any way I could get someone at the old station to tell my folks what was going on…no, no one is there, lights are off, there is a sign on the door informing people of the change. Okay…go back outside, call grandparents, tell them the sitch, will keep you informed…about 10 min later, my parents show up!! Huzzar!! They had been at the old station for a bit and yes, the lights were off, and it looked like no one was there…and yes, there was a sign on the door…a small sign on the the door of the garage…not very useful there, b/c parents didn’t think it was for them to read. They decided that if I wasen’t there by 7:30, they would get out and read it. There was another guy there waiting for someone, so they conversed as to what was going on…finaly, Mom went and read the sign, and they came to save me from almost certain death on the outskirts of Rochester (j/k). So, all is well, and I am home safe in Spring Valley, with a good story to tell…so, enjoy!!


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