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Hey…here are some deep thoughts from my friend David (or as I like to call him, Dahv-eed) that he sent me in an email…hope you like em!

my turn. i sit here and ponder my meetings with everyone i have met, and think of those upcoming and wish gee i wish i had some burger king, so after a 20 minute ordeal of some bk lady telling me my coupon wasnt good until she saw the red flash in my eye and gave it to me free anyway, i got my double whopper. mmm whopper. then i had a deep thought. we had a duck nesting behind our garage, the eggs are a few short days away from hatching. the natural world is as beautiful as it is ugly. a ferral cat disposed of the duck and now the eggs remain, of course they will not hatch, at first i was a bit peeved that there would be no ducklings, but that is exactly what is wrong with 99% of the people here in this country. they do not understand nor respect the natural world. is there a shortage of ducks no, did it feed that cat and soon the raccoons that will eat the eggs yes, will the duck feed on the grass that they decomposing raccoon produces, yes. ahhh. so random as it is, the connections made between the duck and i are in a roundabout way the connections i have made with all of you. i felt close to all of those i have contacted and i dont expect you te get eaten by a ferral cat? no, but like the duck some of you i will never see again, and i wish you all the best, to those of those who i will see, disregard the message, or ponder it to guess what i was only presumably smoking before i sat here to type. take care and we shall meet again, perhaps, if God intends on it.

the other thought i had(actually also about this random ducks mate) i think alot when im debating when to fill out these forms that all say return no later than may 10, what is the date today anyway. i have to be at camp in two days. men with lady friends, i tell you this. this drake mallard has been quacking in my backyard for two days, completely lost since his lady friend went away. do not lose your lady friends or you will quack all day and eventually starve. ok completely disregard that, for all of you that dont know, ducks are pimps this duck will have a new mate in my backyard next spring, they build no bonds with each other. lesson learned, if you lose your lady friends there are always more……….hmm lets just disregard everything dave says due to lack of sleep and panic of packing. and if all else fails you can feed her to a ferral cat?,>. (ladies it works the same backwards, all hens will just find a new drake the next spring too) im no ferral cat but ive eaten my fair share of ducks so the point is……what is the point?



david michael olsen the 22nd

just a little humor for


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