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Okay, enough nonsense (not that nonsense is bad! Especially if it’s nautical! 😉 )…anyway, I just thought that I would post here that I’ve made the decision to go to Luther Seminary in St. Paul this coming fall. It was a very rough decision. Some of you know that I was toying with the idea of staying in Chicago and getting a job. Well, unfortunatly, after I found out that I got the big scholarship to Seminary, I only had 2 weeks to let them know if I was taking it or not…after that, I’d loose it. So, I did a lot a soul searching and talking with people, and decided that I shouldn’t pass this opportunity up. I know that Seminary is where the Spirit is leading me (though I’m NOT going to be a Pastor!!!!!). He’s been trying to guide me there for many years, and especially was trying to get me there during this past summer. Well, he caught me! Sneaky little Spirit! It’s going to be incredibly rough leaving all of my new friends down here in Chicago, and also leaving all of the issues that I’ve invested my heart into. However, I feel that my 2 years at seminary will help me to come to a better understanding of what I’m supposed to do (of course, if I decide before I’m 50 what I’m supposed to do with the rest of my life, I’ll be very upset!! I’m to young to do something with the ‘rest of my life’ for goodness sake!!). I do hope to come back to Chicago often to visit during my time at Luther Sem, and hopefully when I’m done, I’ll come down here to stay for a while…I really would like to do something for affordable housing in this city. I’m very passionate about this issue (even if I can’t spell passoniate…passionate…pass..d,an;odgnavoirejf)! I want all of my Chicago friends to know how much they’ve ment to me during my time here…before I met you all, I was SERIOUSLY questioning what I was doing in Chicago at all, so far from all of my friends back home…I thought of leaving even, though I never would have…but you guys have shown me fun times and given me good conversation and thoughts to ponder…I love you all very much! “You. . . light up my life. . .” Mwa ha ha… 😉 Okay, I’m done ranting for now! Hopefully Tripp will help me learn how to work this thing sometime soon, so I can get some cool features and pics up on my blog, but for now, you’ll just have to deal with my random ponderings and out of the blue statements…but hey, if you know me, that’s who I am!! Peace!!


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